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What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? (Kalos) Feat. Truegreen7 | Summary of news related to pokemon xy starters

Are you looking for information related to this pokemon xy starters? see What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? (Kalos) Feat. Truegreen7 in this article.

What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? (Kalos) Feat. Truegreen7 | News pokemon xy starters Latest

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What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? (Kalos) Feat. Truegreen7 and images related to this pokemon xy starters.

What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? (Kalos) Feat. Truegreen7

What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? (Kalos) Feat. Truegreen7

pokemon xy starters and Content related to topic.

What is the best Starter Pokemon? The best Starter in Kalos is Finally Here! But what is the best starter in Pokemon X and Y? Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie all are beloved within the community. But which starter is the best? Choosing a Starter is always the most important and pivotal decision to make for your journey. Of course there is no right or wrong decision on what starter to pick, but there is definitely a BEST pokemon to pick that would benefit you the most. So today I and Truegreen7 will help you guys make the right decision on what statistically is the best Kalos starter. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend.

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What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? (Kalos) Feat. Truegreen7.

pokemon xy starters.

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34 thoughts on “What Is The Best Starter Pokemon? (Kalos) Feat. Truegreen7 | Summary of news related to pokemon xy starters”

  1. So after my own calculating and tallying points for advantages of each starter in Kalos using my best starter rating system, which is just Eryizo's but with the addition that if a pokemon has advantage in 1 of the first 4 gyms, the points will be doubled. for having advantage against most pokemon in a major battle's team pokemon is given 1 point, but if it's one of 1st 4 gyms it's 2 points, and having advantage against half or less than half pokemon in that team gives 1/2 point, but in case of one of 1st 4 gyms it's 1 point. Also I check if the pokemon will be able to deal considerable damage to KO the opponent using base stats of both before giving it the point for advantage So after my calculation (no don't worry I'm not calculating the damage or anything not that deep) the best in Kalos is……………………….CHESTNAUGHT?! I think it's because of his advantages against Team Flare giving him too many points. Also I give double points on one of 1st four gyms because the first half of the game is when you need your starter the most, when you don't have a full prepared good complete team to deal with most things thrown on you so you have quite a less pokemon to rely on, mostly your starter. Also the scenario I determine for seeing how a pokemon will fair in battle the battle mode is in set mode, because shift is ez with any starter. Admins in Team Flare uses more Dark pokemon than Fire, that's why Chestnaught got more points there. Also turns out Delphox is second best, and you won't like this one…………………………….GRENINJA IS THE WORST STATISTICALLY! sorry I didn't like saying that but it's true according to the math………………..the points are: Chestnaught: 15 Delphox: 13&1/2 Greninja: 12&1/2
    ok I retallyied the points after realising Gyarados doesn't mega evolve on 1st 2 lysandre fights the new points are- Chestnaught: 14 still beats Delphox by a half………………………f**k oh wait you battle Korrina more than once so…………………Delphox: 14& 1/2……..YAY DELPHOX FINALLY BEATS CHESTNAUGHT! I KNEW I MISCALCULATED SOMEWHERE! GO DELPHOX!

  2. my first pokemon game was pokemon y and i picked chespin, i almost picked him again for my x playthrough but i picked froakie, i think everyone ends up picking froakie in the end 🤣

  3. I'd say Froakie is the best, since Team flare is a thing it's pretty obvious you pick the water starter, and this thing can learn extrasensory for all the golbats and what other poison or fighting types out there, it's also good since its strong against 2 elite 4 members, Drasna and Malva, Malva since she's a fire specialist, and Drasna because this thing can learn ice beam which is strong against dragon types, Which speaking of that, ice beam would be good against 4 of Diantha's/The champions team which is Tyrantrum, Goodra, Hawlucha, and Gourgiest, You might be saying "Ice beam is neutral to Hawlucha since it's also a fighting type, not just flying"
    Yes, I know, but fighting is only strong against ice, not resistant to it, so yeah

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