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Total War Attila : The Last Roman DLC Review | Summary of news related to total war attila the last roman guide

Are you looking for information related to this total war attila the last roman guide? see Total War Attila : The Last Roman DLC Review in this article.

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Total War Attila : The Last Roman DLC Review | News total war attila the last roman guide Latest

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Total War Attila : The Last Roman DLC Review and images related to this total war attila the last roman guide.

Total War Attila : The Last Roman DLC Review

Total War Attila : The Last Roman DLC Review

total war attila the last roman guide and Content related to topic.

I give you my review and thoughts of the Suebi Free-LC and the Last Roman DLC. Tell me what you think.

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Campaign DLC Ratings:
Fun Factor – 8.5/10
Faction Rosters – 5/10

Buy it if you want the campaign fun and the thin roster of the Romans and the Ostrogoths won’t be a deal breaker.

Link to the Offical Web page for The Last Roman DLC:

Link to the Patch Notes Mentioned:

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Total War Attila : The Last Roman DLC Review.

total war attila the last roman guide.

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36 thoughts on “Total War Attila : The Last Roman DLC Review | Summary of news related to total war attila the last roman guide”

  1. you know the thing that really irritates me about unit rosters and the lazy F*** CA they like to copy paste units and recolour them for example vikings forefather they olmost all look the same like wtff??

  2. Not only the Suebians have poor roster, but in campaign you can't recruit Subian Warriors and Seubian Champion. In the encyclopedia it says you need a bone carver building which I have and yet, I can't recruit them…… 
    It's sad cause their campaign faction trait is OP!

  3. Sorry ,  but this DLC is waste of your money (14,99 euros here in scandinavia). Campaign map is nicely done and the historical immersion with the letters from Belisarius's wife Antonina and the Emperor himself Justinian has so in depth potentially and really brilliant idea but the playability is horrible.This happens when you try to build on something very fragile in terms of programming. I was hoping for optimization but nope. Rome 2 works like dream on my comp with everything ultra but this Attila is crashing constantly. Kudos for the campaign designers but the engine is not optimized.

  4. Sometimes I think CA is getting bored of making Total War. I mean they've been making Total War and nothing else for a long time now if I'm not mistaken, except when they made Alien: Isolation. And that was a great game, and a really different genre. My overall opinion is that if they just made Total War forever the series will have little change, kinda like Call of Duty.

  5. I can only account for my own experience. I really wanted the campaign to be great, but the Eastern Romans being in the campaign as well as the Expedition ruins it.

    Playing as the Ostrogothic kingdom, turn 5 hit and I was attacked by 5 full stacks of East Romans with two half stacks following up behind. Meanwhile, Belisarius had rebelled in turn 1. D:

  6. From what I understand, Belisarius' expedition relied quite heavily on mercenaries to bolster their forces (a prime example would be their use of Hunnic cavalry), which could explain the thin Roman roster.

  7. Going to play a Suebi campaign just for those Champions!

    I also hope they add the reclamation function to the campaign as well. Would play very well for alliances in general.

  8. Disappointing as the rosters are (though, tbh, I find all the rosters in Attila a bit dull), it makes sense when you consider how the units worked in the main campaign. Your units would regularly get upgraded via the research tree, at which point the older units were no longer available.

    This campaign simply takes a slice of time out of that period and gives you the units from that slice.

  9. Prediction in Medieval 3: We would have German Levy Spears. French Levy Spears. Greek Levy Spears. Russian Levy Spears. Saracen Levy Spears (which can be recruited… by Muslim factions from everywhere from Andalusia… to Bolghar!), English Midlands Levy Spears, English Northumbrian Levy Spears, Welsh Levy Spears, Scottish Lowlander Levy Spears, Scottish Highlander Levy Spears, Irish Levy Spears….. The twist is that all of these units would have precisely the same stats.

  10. The expedition its the only nice think about all that otherwise heir just play shogun2 because iam enjoying alot the saga campaign and i guess other people think the same.

    Just a random guy from portugal…

  11. I Cant belive that one handed Axe units STILL are completely useless. Do they even care???. Thats no god demp Rocket science change the statistics or fuckin change the price Franciscas for 750 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool like why . And the top that all Add 4 more useless units in it. srsly FUCK CA !!!

  12. If you'd see that people only play 1 faction, maybe 2 with each expansion they buy, you'd be less motivated to add that much diversity to the game too. The moment to ask for more unit diversity across similar factions was when R2 came out and we were getting all those DLCs with very little content to offer for the price they charged. With Attila, it's either too late or irrelevant at this point, they took the wrong message from past experiences or maybe that's all the budgets allows for. They added more content that will extend your gameplay that doesn't have replayability value across factions of the same culture. You pick one that suits your play style and you move on or you don't buy. Pretty straightforward if you ask me…

  13. I'm curious, what would you say is the difference between the similar rosters of Atilla's factions and the almost identical rosters of the factions in Shogun 2? What makes Atilla so much more odious?

  14. isnt the unit variety in attila way higher than it was in shogun 2 or rome 2? i also dont like the fact that every germanic faction has like the same roster with minor differences but its better than it was in rome 2 to me…

  15. One possible reason this occurs is due to the fact that for example if CA released a German faction 50% of the community wanted but the other 50% didn't want, CA might want to please the other 50% so they'll release the other German faction the other 50% wanted.Because they are similar cultures though and CA doesn't want to give them different names and a tiny difference in stats that might lead people saying they are copying and pasting and not putting effort into the game, they'll just do that. IDK if this true but I just wish people instead of jumping to conclusions about everything, they'll actually do some extensive research about it before putting forth a conclusion that might not be true.

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