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How to create Progress Bars in Unity | Summary of news related to video game progress bar

Are you looking for information related to this video game progress bar? see How to create Progress Bars in Unity in this article.

How to create Progress Bars in Unity | News video game progress bar Latest

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How to create Progress Bars in Unity and images related to this video game progress bar.

How to create Progress Bars in Unity

How to create Progress Bars in Unity

video game progress bar and Share related to keywords.

In this video we take a look at how to create a linear progress bar and a radial progress bar, as well as how to control them both from the same script and add them to the create menu for easy instantiation.

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How to create Progress Bars in Unity.

video game progress bar.

Hopefully these Information on this video game progress bar topic will be useful to you. Thank you very much for watching.

27 thoughts on “How to create Progress Bars in Unity | Summary of news related to video game progress bar”

  1. Hi, Is it possible to add a 'wholenumber' option like default unity slider? So that We can enforce dragging only to fixed set of positions over the radial slider?

  2. Perfect. But i have a problem. When i want to add to my script "fill" and "color" fields and set it from unity editor it throws null pointer. I don't know why it throws that exception. I tried to get it with GetComponent<Image> it isn't throws null pointer exception but it doesn't set color again.

  3. Great tutorial. Easy to follow. Easy to start using straight away. This channel is in my Top 5 for Unity tutorials.
    Few things about this Progress Bar that might trip up some beginners like myself.

    At 10:30 , the Fill Image is used for both Mask and Fill slots. Took me a few seconds to see that. It is not exactly like the Linear Bar.
    I turned the Original Radial Bar into 2 separate bars, Ring and Radial (without the mask). This seemed to make more sense to avoid having an extra UI element always being added.
    To get a real Ring Progress Bar without the inner mask image, you will need a proper Ring image. Then at this point you do not need the mask element for this bar as well.

    I tried putting the prefab into a Prefab folder but it did not work, it must go into Resource/UI folders.

    Not 100% sure about this one, but it might not be the best to keep the GetCurrentFill in the Update. This is good for constantly updating things like a timer but not so much for health and experience bars that usually update once and wont need to be updated until the next change.

  4. can you make a bar the get fill when you click a button ? and goes down when you are not clicking ? the faster you click the faster it goes up and when you dont click it goes down fast too…. so it gonna be a challenge clicker microgame.

  5. So let's say We want to make a radial bar as a tool for the user. Similar to a knob on a control board. Can I shift the starting point in which it begins to fill from 12 o'clock to 7 o'clock? And let's say that the 100% filled would be at 5 O'clock. Any ideas? I just started learning UNITY. Love your videos!

  6. I think that a very easy way of making progress bars is using Sliders… it is prectically the same as shown in this video, but you have everything already set up and you don't need to write a code that contains maximum and current values, since Sliders have this already implemented as Slider.value and Slider.maxValue. They also have Rect Transform if you ever need it for each component and since you are using UnityEngine.UI for images, it is better to just use Slider instead.

    Hope somone will find this useful 🙂
    (If you don't want any component in your slider, just remove it… no problem. I use sliders often and just remove the Handle object and mark slider as "non interactable"…)

  7. Does the radial progress bar work with Unity 2019.4.0f1? It doesn't seem to work for me. Also, why does the video show that the FILL image is used in the Inspector for both the Fill and Mask properties of the ProgressBar script?

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