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Cash Card Review — 3 Things You Should Know About Square’s Cash Card | money cash card

Cash Card Review — 3 Things You Should Know About Square’s Cash Card

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https://dyernews.com/squarecashcardreview/ You may have heard of Square’s Cash app but did you know they also have a Cash Card? Here’s what you need to know and how it could save you money.
Updated video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xykzfxP7nz4
Cash app: https://cash.me/app/CLTCKDC
A few months ago, I wrote about the peer to peer payments app Square Cash was introducing its own debit card option. However it wasnt until a few weeks ago that I bothered applying for my own. What finally led me to order my card was learning about Cash’s Boost feature… which we’ll talk about just a little bit later.
Having now had the chance to try out of Cash Card for myself, I wanted to share the three things you should know about this offering.
The first thing you should know about the Square Cash card is that it’s completely free to get your own.
Ordering your own Cash Card is not only easy but it’s also free. Current Cash users can order their cards within the app by verifying their personal information and address. Presumably new users can also get their hands on a Cash Card once they set up their regular Cash account and follow these same steps.
In my experience, the Cash Card arrived at my home in just a few business days. From there, activation was also fairly simple and was achieved by using the app to scan a special QR code placed on the card’s packaging. Once this was done, I was all ready to use my Cash card without having to spend a dime.
Next, while the physical Cash Card card offers a sleek and unique design, you can also take advantage of Apple Pay integration.
One step of the Cash Card ordering process that I purposely skipped over was when you provided a signature that will then be laser engraved onto your card. This fun aspect makes the card’s design unique and adds a stylish element to the otherwise solidly sleek black rectangle. Before you get any smart ideas, Square says they do monitor these signatures and drawings for anything inappropriate, so mind your Ps and Qs.
Although the cool design of the card makes it look great in your physical wallet, it’s also nice to know that you can add your Cash Card to Apple Pay as well. This can be setup through the app and make it so that you ca utilize your card anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. Moreover using your Cash Card in Apple Pay will still activate any Boost offers you have. Speaking of which…
Last up is actually the reason I got the card in the first place, and that is the Boost offers the card boasts.
When you tap the balance button in the topcenter part of the Cash app’s main screen, you’ll be taken to your card’s control center, where you’ll also see a button titled “Boost.” Here you can select from a number of offers that can potentially save you money on select purchases. For example, current Boost offers include 10% off at ChickfilA, 15% off at Shake Shack, 5% off purchases at Whole Foods, $1 off at Subway, and more. There’s also one more generic option, which is $1 off at coffee shops.
According to Square’s site, you can swap out Boost options as much as you want before using them. However, after using a Boost on a transaction, you’ll have to wait 12 hours before you’ll be able to swap them again. That said, they do note that if new Boost become available, this 12 hour waiting window will be waived.
As I discovered, when you use these Boosts, you’ll first get an alert showing you your base total. However, just a few second later, I got a second notification telling my my boost had been applied and that a small total was being deducted from my balance. Pretty cool if you ask me.
Ultimately, even if you aren’t a bigtime Cash app user, getting a Cash Card is probably worth it my opinion.
Not only is does the elegant card design make it a nice addition to your wallet but the Boosts available can often best any credit card rewards you’d be missing out on. For example, I learned that I was able to use the $1 off at coffee shops Boost to add $10 to my Starbucks Gold Card while only paying $9 — that’s a savings of 10% while even my beloved Uber Visa would only nad me 4%.

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With all this considered plus the fact that Square’s Cash Card is free, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.
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Cash Card Review — 3 Things You Should Know About Square's Cash Card

Cash or card – will COVID-19 kill cash? | DW Documentary

More and more people are paying with cards or apps these days. Could COVID19 spell the end of cash? Many people have switched to contactless payment because of fears that the coronavirus might be transmitted by bills and coins. They even use debit cards for small sums at the bakery or newsagent’s. Electronic payment systems are on the rise.
Germany is torn. Up to now, Germans have been known for their love of cash. The country has been famously reluctant to embrace payment by card or app. But since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis more and more people have switched to paying electronically. For many months, it was unclear whether the virus could spread on paper currency and coins. It’s now believed that the risk of COVID19 transmission on money is low. But the pandemic has amped up the trend toward cashfree payments in Germany. According to a survey by the Association of German Banks, almost 60 percent of people in Germany now pay by debit or credit card, or with smartphone apps. Marion Labouré, a strategist at Deutsche Bank and Harvard lecturer, has carried out research in this field. She says South Korea and China have even put bank notes into quarantine and destroyed bills. ‘The US Central Bank is another example,’ she adds. ‘Cash is definitely being used by fewer and fewer people. Last December, one third of Germans paid with cards or apps, now it’s about 50 percent.’
Credit card companies, which charge fees to retailers, are profiting from this development. But data protection advocates warn that information is gathered, stored and often passed on with each electronic transaction. Sarah Spiekermann, a professor at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna, has warned of the serious consequences of this kind of surveillance capitalism: ‘Ordinary people, people who are quite similar to one another, will find themselves paying different prices for flights and hotel bookings, for instance, or they might be refused insurance or be passed over for job offers.’

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Cash or card – will COVID-19 kill cash? | DW Documentary

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YouTube Millionaire Displays $900,000 Cash in Duffel Bag | ASMR in 4K | Online Business Motivation

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YouTube Millionaire Displays $900,000 Cash in Duffel Bag | ASMR in 4K | Online Business Motivation

#ASMR – 4 different ways to count money – stack of USD dollars $$$

Learn 4 different ways to count money.
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#ASMR - 4 different ways to count money - stack of USD dollars $$$

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